Specific Program Expertise

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  1. Career and Technical Education
  2. Computer Science and Digital Literacy
  3. After School Time Programs
  4. Anti-Violence Initiatives
  5. Mentoring
  6. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  7. School Reform
  8. Equity in Education
  9. Mental Health Assistance

Project Evaluation

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  1. Provide expertise to help organizations measure the impact of their programs and services on their stakeholders using qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  2. Analyze student achievement, attendance, and behavior before and after program implementation
  3. Analyze student outcomes by level of program exposure by comparing student attendance at program activities with project outcomes.
  4. Survey stakeholder groups including students, parents, teachers, and other staff about the effectiveness of project services, obstacles to implementation, and recommendations for the future.
  5. Summarize project outcomes into reports that are used by funding agencies to document project activities and outcomes.
  6. Provide datasets to funding agencies to comply with reporting requirements.

Grant Writing

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  1. Identify grants aligned to needs of organization.
  2. Provide literature reviews to research evidence-based practice to inform project design and implementation.
  3. Analyze trends in student achievement over time.
  4. Compare local data to County and State data.
  5. Analyze Census data over time to contextualize community characteristics and compare to state and national data.

Successful Federal Grants written by IDS include:


  • Safe Schools/Healthy Students (twice)

  • Teaching American History

  • Elementary and Secondary Counseling

  • Foreign Language Assistance

  • Mentoring

  • Readiness and Emergency Management (twice)

  • Character Education

  • Threat Assessment (DOJ)

  • Mental Health Assistance (DOJ) (twice)



New York State Education Department grants garnered for our clients included:


  • Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (11)

  • Pathways to Technology (P-Tech)

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers (3)

  • Adult Basic Education

  • Pre-School Education

  • Comprehensive School Reform

  • ESL Civics

  • Learning Technology (4)

Development and Validation

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  1. Developed validation procedures and materials for the College Board’s Computerized College Placement Examination Program.
  2. Consulted to institutions of higher education on the setting of cut scores for incoming developmental students for the College Board.
  3. Developed a product knowledge test based upon written training material to screen applicants for telemarketing sales jobs at AT&T.
  4. Developed and validated a personality test to predict personnel turnover at Citibank.
  5. Analyzed the results of a newly designed test to assess skill mastery of kindergarten students in the Newark Public Schools.  Made recommendations for item revisions.

Survey Design and Analysis

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  1. Developed a national survey for The College Board to determine how colleges have changed the way they deliver services to their students as a result of computer-adaptive testing.
  2. Served as project manager for a national survey of college alumni designed to bring positive public relations to the City College of New York.  As a result, the college received media recognition by THE NEW YORK TIMES as a flourishing institution of higher education.
  3. Developed a survey of senior managers at a major U.S. bank to determine which qualities are desired in “high potential” managers.

Research & Statistical Analysis

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  1. Analyzed Accreditation for Growth Survey results for all Hempstead UFSD schools used to attain accreditation status for Hempstead High School for the first time in seven years
  2. Conducted focus groups of faculty and staff at major university to determine the level of satisfaction with campus services.
  3. Facilitated focus groups with alumni from a tristate dental school concerned with graduate perceptions of the school and how that affects involvement in alumni affairs and fundraising.
  4. Developed a multi-level statistical model to predict student achievement utilizing school and student variables in New York City.
  5. Examined the effects of a parents volunteer program on the academic achievement of their children in New York City Schools.
  6. Conducted analysis of state-mandated ELA and mathematics assessments for school districts throughout Nassau County.
  7. Conducted demographic and enrollment planning analysis for school districts in the New York Metropolitan area.
  8. Investigated the relationship between socioeconomic variables and student achievement in New York City.
  9. Validated behavioral scoring models used to predict credit behavior for a major U.S. bank. Improved acquisition strategy by providing acceptable behavioral profiles.
  10. Analyzed standards by which to judge reading progress for students scoring at the lowest quartile on standardized reading tests in New York City.
  11. Analyzed Census data in relation to the academic performance of New York City public school children.
  12. Statistically summarized minimum competency test results for faculty and administration of The City College of New York.
  13. Constructed automated tracking system for identifying students requiring minimum competency test notification at The City College of New York.