Policy Statement for the Delivery of Professional Services

We are guided by the professional practice recommendations of the American Educational Research Association, American Evaluation Association, and American Psychological Association,

It is the primary function of Informed Decision Services, Inc. to conduct meaningful research and program evaluation to public and private sector organizations.  As a member of the American Educational Research Association, American Evaluation Association, and the American Psychological Association, Dr. Renee Blumstein, President of Informed Decision Services, abides by all guidelines developed by the APA with respect to:


  • IDS will clarify in advance with all appropriate persons and agencies the expectations for sharing and utilizing research data.  We avoid relationships that may limit our objectivity or create a conflict of interest.


  • IDS maintains high standards of scholarship by presenting educational and psychological information objectively, fully and accurately.
  • IDS maintains current knowledge of scientific and professional developments that are related to the services they render.
  • IDS limits its services to demonstrated areas of professional competence.
  • IDS and Dr. Renee Blumstein accept responsibility for the methods used in investigations, analyses and reporting. We plan our research in ways to minimize the possibility that findings will be misleading.  


  • The use of tests for research and evaluation purposes will adhere to guidelines published in Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, National Council on Measurement in Education, 2014).


  • IDS has a primary obligation to respect the confidentiality of information obtained from persons in the course of their work.  Such information will be revealed to others only with the consent of the person or the person’s legal representative.
  • IDS will make every effort to avoid dual relationships that may be construed in any way as a conflict of interest.
  • IDS will act with due regard for the needs, special competencies, and obligations for their colleagues in education, psychology, and other professions.  We respect the prerogatives and obligations of the institutions or organizations with which these other colleagues are associated.  
  • IDS will avoid any action that will violate or diminish the legal or civil rights of clients or of others who may be affected by our actions.
  • IDS certifies that we do not engage or condone practices that result in illegal or unjustifiable actions.