Grant Writing and Program Evaluation

For Schools and Non-Profits

IDS provides consulting services to help organizations quantify their needs and identify sources of funding so that they can implement evidence-based programs and services to improve the lives of children and families. Our clients have won over $100 million in discretionary grants since 1999.

Research avenues of grant funding

to provide resources for identified school district needs

Write persuasive grant proposals

that win grant money to implement evidence-based initiatives that include rigorous evaluation designs for measuring accountability.

Conduct needs assessments

to determine stakeholder opinions and concerns using custom-designed surveys, structured interviews, and focus groups

Conduct extensive literature reviews

to identify evidence-based programs that meet the needs of our clients and their stakeholders

Analyze student achievement and enrollment trends

using multivariate statistics and comparing local achievement to regional, state and national norm groups

Conduct well-designed evaluations

that exceed government requirements and provide actionable data to school districts to improve teaching and learning

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Grant Writing and Program Evaluation

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